We Manage Your entire infrastructure and Cloud, So You Can Manage Your Business


Ashaford Technical Solutions was established in 2017 and is privately held, positioned to become the Leading (MSSP) and (MSP) – Managed IT Services Provider in Jamaica, the Caribbean & Latin American regions.  Our Portfolio includes Dedicated Hosting Solutions, Cloud Services, Cyber Security & Unified Threat Management, Disaster Recovery services, Unified Communications and full IT Outsourcing.
All our solutions and services include, by default, 24/7/365 Technical Support and Monitoring, this is because we believe all our customers deserves infrastructure, expertise, and service all in one.


Everything we offer is fully managed. That’s because we believe:

Uptime and redundancy are shared responsibilities, rather than a burden for the customer alone.
Economies of scale are nice—but economies of expertise are even more valuable. The highest performance and cost-efficiency come when you combine infrastructure with specialized expertise and the exceptional customer service that we call heroic and responsive technical Support.
Every customer should have easy access to engineers—by phone, chat, or email, 24/7/365—to help with planning, architecting, building, and operations.
Most big providers offer only multi-tenant public cloud. They argue that one size fits all. We disagree. We think you deserve the best fit for your unique technical needs, across multi-tenant and single-tenant platforms, at your data location or ours. That’s what you get from Ashaford Technical Solutions, a leader in hybrid hosting solutions.
We back our managed solutions with an industry-leading 100% Network Uptime Guarantee. Our approach is designed to keep you up and running fast and lean—so you can focus on hiring only the engineers who will differentiate your business.

heroic and responsive technical support

Some hosting vendors provide basic break-fix support. Ashaford Technical Solutions Support is different. It’s a results-obsessed, can-do approach to customer service that infuses everything we do. You don’t pay extra for it. It comes as standard.
Heroic and responsive technical Support means that our engineers and their specialized expertise are always available to you, 24/7/365. We do some of our best work at 3 a.m. Sunday and on Thanksgiving Day.
Our customers think of us as an extension of their teams—and that’s how we think of ourselves. We’re available for everything from guidance on your IT architecture to helping you implement proactive monitoring and DDOS protection solutions for your infrastructure, and offering application-level support.
Our industry-leading service level agreements guarantee exceptional reliability and uptime. Delivering 100% infrastructure uptime in standard. But we regard our SLAs as just the beginning of our commitment. Heroic and responsive technical Support means that we’re driven to exceed your expectations, to always have your back, and to serve as full partners in your success.

heroic and responsive support isn’t just a slogan

It isn’t just expert and friendly service (though that’s part of it). It’s the result of a complex business process that we’ve refined.
It starts with the way we hire: for attitude and aptitude. Then we train for technical skills. We do that at scale, in our offices, and through various local institutions, constantly enhancing each employee’s ability to leverage the latest technologies on your behalf. Technical Support is something that we measure carefully by surveying our customers every day. Support teams are assessed and rewarded based on those surveys and on the proportion of their customers who stay with us, grow with us, and recommend us to their friends.
Heroic and responsive technical Support flows from our belief that exceptional customer service can’t be commanded. It can only be volunteered employees who are empowered to spend time and resources to serve their customers, without asking anyone’s permission—who get to know their customers and find fulfillment in helping them succeed, grow, invent things, and create jobs.

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