Our mission is to provide every business with the right technical solutions that are both cost-effective and fully managed to assist with the implementation and optimization of their network infrastructure, at a low monthly cost. Solutions that are all inclusive and typically reduces your overall IT budget between 27% and up to 70%, this is without compromising on value. We enable businesses to operate their infrastructure optimally without the headache of ownership costs, simply because we provide all the equipment they need, bundled-in with monitoring and the responsive technical support their business needs 24/7/365.
Complexity requires expertise, that’s where we come in and why we are able to provide and support the following systems and platforms:
Microsoft, Cisco, HP, DELL, Juniper, IBM, PBX/IP Telephony, OpenFiler, VMWare, Avaya, Symantec, Hyper-V, Snort, OpenVZ and Asterisk.
You may have an expensive team of engineers, you may also have the most expensive technical gears, but this doesn’t automatically add up to success for your business. Whatever your business technical needs are, our experts can handle it for you — on a first-world, enterprise-ready platform. Don’t settle for the one-and-done, lift-and-shift support. We architect, migrate, secure, operate your network – and continually help you optimize it for tangible business results.

Don’t forget to ask about our heroic and responsive 24/7/365 technical support and monitoring.