Cloud Services

Who Is Going to Manage Your Cloud?

The cloud is flexible, scalable, and easy to deploy—but someone still has to run it. If you’re looking to leverage the cloud, you have a choice:
Do-It-Yourself. Buy raw infrastructure and invest heavily in the hard-to-find expertise you need to run it.
Do-It-Together. Go with a managed cloud provider to get the best technology, plus the best experts to run that technology.
At Ashaford Technical Solutions, we’re all about the Do-It-Together cloud. That’s why we have cloud engineers ready to architect, run and support all your cloud workloads, around-the-clock.
Go Managed With Ashaford Technical Solutions
With Ashaford Technical Solutions Managed Cloud services, you get the power and flexibility of the cloud, without the hassle and cost of doing it yourself.
Heroic & Responsive Support Around-The-Clock
Whatever managed solution you choose, you get technical support & monitoring 24/7/365 with the Ashaford Technical Solutions Managed Cloud. Our engineers are experts in cloud administration functions like configuration, scaling, and ongoing maintenance. We’ll work with you to set up and optimize your cloud for specific workloads. And if you need help, you’ll get a response in 15 seconds by phone or 45 seconds by chat.


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Cloud services for Jamaica, the Caribbean and Latin America.