IT Equipment Rental



Renting lets you do more with less. It stretches your available budget for IT operations so you can get the types of equipment you need to grow quickly while also taking advantage of the latest in dedicated solutions, mobility and data center technology. We give you the option to rent virtually any product and will give you secure rates and terms that work for you.
Available options include:
Servers, Switches, Routers, Data Storage Systems, IDS – Intrusion Detection Systems, IPS – Intrusion Prevention Systems, and more. All our equipment, by default, comes with 24/7/365 Technical Support and Monitoring, this is because we believe all our customers deserve not only raw infrastructure but also the expertise, and service all in one.

Asahford Technical Solutions is positioned to become the Leading (MSSP) and (MSP) – Managed IT Services Provider in Jamaica, the Caribbean & Latin American regions.  Our Portfolio includes Dedicated Hosting Solutions, Cloud Services, Cyber Security & Unified Threat Management, Disaster Recovery services, Unified Communications and full IT Outsourcing. Get all your core IT equipment rented, configured and managed for you around the clock.

The Key to our success

We help businesses lower their overall IT budget by providing them with all their core equipment along with the support and monitoring they need at a low predictable monthly cost. Whether it’s a single server you need or hundreds for a large-scale deployment of firewalls, switches, storage systems, routers, intrusion detection systems, we’ve got you covered.
Our solutions provide clients with the ability to stay connected with their staff and customers without experiencing a single downtime, this is by integrating our Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity strategies.
We build strong relationships with our customers and suppliers that last for decades. At Ashaford Technical Solutions, we pride ourselves on offering lease solutions that help you maximize budget dollars and increase efficiency throughout the equipment lifecycle.

Renting core IT equipment from Ashaford Technical Solutions equals:

  • Unbiased options and the ability to rent any type of equipment you need
  • Flexible solutions that can change with your business
  • Unparalleled customer service
  • Easy ordering process that will save time and stress
  • Comprehensive disposal plan that includes data security to protect you and your information
  • Full management, technical support & monitoring 24/7/365

Ashaford Technical Solutions is an expert in the IT equipment rental arena. Get to know us and find out why organizations build relationships with us. Call +1876 613 6821.


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