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Technology is integral to every organization’s success. It is the foundation of core services, communication, and in building and managing valuable information. It is used to drive growth, to rise above competitors, to optimize processes, and to reach a global audience.
In order to unlock your business’ potential, a highly effective and competitive technology strategy is paramount, more so now than ever. In most small and medium businesses (SMB), technology leadership, expertise, and experience is severely lacking. Most SMB select the wrong technology, incorrect deployment schedules, and incorrect vendors and services. Just like enterprise, a great MSP is needed by these organizations to maximize results by the leveraging technology to its full advantage.
A full-time Cheif Technology Officer -(CTO) is far too costly for SMB. For this reason, outsourcing CTO functions to a highly capable and well positioned MSP, such as Ashaford Technical Solutions, provides great results at a fraction of the cost.
With Ashaford Technical Solutions Outsourcing, an experienced and dedicated CTO can be available to you in person and also via phone, email, and video conference. Clients also get access to their own dedicated account manager.

Ashaford Technical Solutions IT Outsourcing is available via a monthly contract and delivers the following benefits:

  • Predictability, transparency, and control over costs
  • Service levels tailored to business needs
  • Application of best practices, governance principles, industry tools and practices that improve service delivery, project delivery and productivity
  • Access to professional resources and skills that add value and stability to operating environments
  • Access to a broad base of technology, industry and strategic expertise


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Tip: All our services, and solutions come with 24/7/365 responsive technical support, monitoring and you can request equipment upgrades anytime you want, just tell us.

IT Outsourcing Services for Jamaica, the Caribbean and Latin America.